SINCE 2001 DANTRAFO HAS BEEN CERTIFIED ACCORDING TO ISO 14001 Get ROHS Certificate, Get Conflict minerals Certificate 

Through the Environmental Management System DANTRAFO are working continuously on improving the environment, substitution of hazardous substances and reduction of energy consumption. With our initiatives it is our ambition to promote global sustainability.

Internal environment issues are handled in close cooperation with local authorities, external experts and the workers´ Safety Council with a commitment not to compromise on workers safety.
External environment issues are handled in close cooperation with authorities, external experts and the local management to minimize pollution and eliminate environmental risks for the future.
In view of the threat of global heating DANTRAFO have initiated several projects to reduce power consumption and new ideas are constantly reviewed.

A part of the global heating perspective has been transferred to our R/D department that is now working specifically on pushing further the power efficiency for new products.
DANTRAFO are a key supplier to energy projects within solar converters, wind energy and electrical cars and are striving to make power efficient solutions maximizing the content of environmental friendly materials.

Over the recent years many hazardous substances have been substituted and this process continues.
The employees at DANTRAFO are all involved and trained to be an active part of the Environmental Programme and it is the company spirit that all employees are expected to THINK AND ACT.
Every year DANTRAFO submit a green annual account to visualize our recent actions and accomplishments to authorities, customers and employees.