1979 Foundation of Dantrafo A/S by Jørgen Larsen og Sven Jensen

1992 Dantrafo A/S obtain ISO 9000 certification

1992 Acquisition of Nortra Scanelectric A/S, Denmark

1993 Acquisition of the B&O transformer division in Lemvig, Denmark

1995 Acquisition of Tradania A/S in Fensten, Denmark

2001 Dantrafo A/S obtain ISO 14001 certification

2002 Acquisition of Transformator Teknik AB in Åmål, Sweden

2004 Foundation of Dantrafo Electronics Suzhou Co., Ltd., China,

2008 Dantrafo Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., China obtain ISO 9000 certification

2009 Dantrafo Holding A/S was taken over by Ivan Gam

2013 Acquisition of JG Transformator in Stenløse, Danmark